Why you choose Aamra Susama Jalaprapat

  1. Experienced on working as support organisation with PRI/LSG
  2. Working on SLWM field from 2007
  3. Own team for capacity building & IEC support
  4. Experienced team for SLWM
  5. Experienced on preparation of DPR on SLWM
  6. Experience of preparation of designee of a SLWM unit
  7. Knowledge on institutional strengthening of PRI/LSG
  8. Capable for hand holding support to PRI/LSG
  9. Experienced on marketing of product from Bio-Degradable & Non Bio-Degradable product
  10. Expatriation on packaging & branding
  11. Experienced on office management, labour management, account system development
  12. Capable for handling day to day problem at field level
  13. Capacitate for timely monitoring & support to PRI/LSG
  14. Good relation with GoWB
  15. Organisations own training setup
  16. Networking with experienced institution, organisation & resource persons
  17. Well-known on modern equipment & technology of SLWM
  18. Well-known about SLWM related Act, rules & guideline
  19. Monitored all activity through MIS/Web based
  20. Expert on Liquid Waste Management
  21. Specialist on Eco-San toilet