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“Nirmal Bangla” and “Biswa Bangla” – through Solid & Liquid Waste Management – Our Promise, Our Pride

Prasun Kanti Das, wbasj@rediffmail.com


To Clean Bengal, The “Mission Nirmal Bangla” is a new addition of gaiety in the well known ‘Baro Mase Tero Parban’ that indicates the abundant of festivity in the state of West Bengal. Thousands of rural people are fighting against daily male practices, disease or ailment with there unseen weapon – Para Najardari Committee (PNP). Intention of all is to make the make Bengal clean. That will bring a change in the practise of people and will lead the society to healthy life style.


The initiative “Solid & Liquid Waste Management” (SLWM) is being taken in the locality where the villages are open defecation free (ODF) and where at least 80% of household have toilets and these are in regular use.


Every GP shall have to taken ‘SLWM’ as a part of other development activities, It is not only collect to daily waste, The safe disposal of waste is very essential. Garbages, by no means, should not be collected in unplanned way. It should not be get fire assembled in a heap. Gram Panchayat will get 20Lk. To 50 lak. From various fund for this initiatives. CSR fund also available for this type initiative from various industry.


For smooth & proper execution of SLWM in rural area we shall have well preparation. So it needed –

  • Political & Administrative decision & Approval

  • Base Line survey & publicity

  • Selection of land and site preparation

  • Preparation of DPR & approval

  • Infrastructure Development

  • Engagement of worker & training

  • Daily waste Collection, Segregation at source, Secondary segregation, processing, production

  • Marketing strategy preparation & implementation

  • IEC materials development and use for confirmation of Participation of people


It can, doubtlessly, be said that the huge and active participation of local people in developmental activities is very much necessary to make the programme a grand success. To ensure the participation of common people, Gram Panchayat shall have to use various methods for publicity. Gram Panchayat can make successful instance in the field of SLWM if they keep the following in the mind from very beginning –

  • Arrangement of sufficient & suitable land

  • Making relationship with any NGO or GO, those are very knowledgeable in this field

  • Good office management

  • Establishment of transparent and lick proof financial system

  • Engagement of competent & responsible workers

  • Good infrastructural development will all necessary preparation

  • Ensure the source segregation and collection of segregated waste with segregated way

  • Establishment of suitable monitoring system

  • Maintain cleanness of project site and safety of workers

  • Pre preparation & regular development of marketing system


At the time of taking such initiatives some question may be arise in the mind of people. Though we shall have to go forwarded and being answerable. Generally, the questions that need answer,  are  -

  • Will any pollution be spreded in the area?

  • Will there be any offensive smell from the heap of garbage?

  • Will the workers be Govt. Employee?

The answer of questions – ‘No’.


Safe disposal of garbage can be done in two ways –

  • At Central Processing Unit and 2) at sources (Specially in house hold & market)

In case of any bad smell, there is nothing to be worried at the garbage, immediately after collection, will be transformed to raw materials, in schedule time frame for re-use. If there is such smell, there must be technical fault in the process that should have to be identified for necessary risk action.


Safe disposal of waste is nothing but –

  • Source segregation of Bio-Degradable & Non Bio-Degradable waste is very essential

  • Then, in the central processing unit or in the source, the segregated garbage are transform in a process for re use

  • Cleaning of Non Bio-Degradable waste (Specially plastic) and item wise packaging is very important

  • Marketing of the non Bio-Degradable waste

  • Scientific House Hold Hazards waste collection and scientific burning through incinerator or land filling

  • Use motor van or Battery operated van for waste collection from long range area


SLWM is for the financial development of rural people and their movement towards better life-style to proper waste segregation. Transformation of  waste to wealth by scientific process and building of marketing system. Very soon “Eco Friendly Gram Panchayat” and economically sustainable SLWM initiative which is now in the imagination will come in to reality in the thought. 24Pgs(N) district takes some realistic plan for SLWM initiatives in whole district step by step. “Biswa Bangle” will be more strong through  “NIRMAL BANGLA”.