Bohar-I Nirmal Udyan

A Step Ahead Towards Cleanliness- Bohar-I Gram Panchayat

Almost 2792 families live at Bohar-I Gram Panchayat under Memari II Block of Burdwan district in West Bengal. The families are belonging from different castes, different religions and different communities- totally mixed habitants. The habitants are economic almost very close to rich. The villagers are capable to enjoy the facilities of all type of modern amenities. The local people demand to identify a particular place where they can dump their daily waste side by side the awareness about the uses of toilets in all houses and various institutions. Usually the villagers would select a water body or a bush to dump the wastes nearby their houses.  The condition would become miserable during festival or occasion happened in a house. Bohar-I Nirmal Udyan was developed by the above-mentioned Gram Panchayat side by side various developmental works for the village dwellers to meet the necessity and demand of the local people of the hamlet.

The waste would not dump at roads, at houses and at hat-markets daily through Bohar-I Nirmal Udyan project gradually.  A mechanism was developed to collect the waste in regular basis to recycling the waste into other useful materials. The aforesaid project funded by the Burdwan Zilla Parishad through Memary –II block under Mision Nirmal Bangla fund. Only 1st installment amount of 10 lakh out of 20 lakh received by the Gram Panchayat. It was assured that the rest fund would be received very soon. The primary goal to build required infrastructure for this purpose had already been set up.

The project developed in the unused land near Kharpai Chaditala which is familiar as a religious place at the middle of the Sontla village. It was established for 9 mouzas of 10 Gram Sansad of that Gram Panchayat. The land mentioned above was located at Bishnupur Mouza under Memari Police Station.  The Nirman Sahayak of said Gram Panchayat primarily prepared a Detailed Project Report to set up an infrastructure and completed the work. It took almost 1 year. Few initiatives had been taken for participate local people. The initiatives were –

  • The functionaries and the Nirman Sahayak received training at State level

  • Conceptual or orientation training organized for elected members of the Gram Panchayat on how to manage waste safely

  • A survey was conducted in every houses and every shops

  • Health workers and Anganwadi workers received training on related issues

  • ASHA worker got training on it

  • A resource group was formed by the women of various level of that locality

  • All Self Help Group (SHG) members oriented through participatory reading and learning methods on solid and liquid waste management safely

  • The resource group got chance to visit other district to share their experiences

  • Two types of leaflets were distributed for two times in each house and every shop

  • A stall organized at the local fare to disseminate the message how to segregate the solid and liquid waste in household level

  • The workers of the resource group visited each house and made understood what are the expectations in household level

Currently waste were collected in daily basis from 1100 families at four(4) Gram Sangsad out of three(3) Gram Panchayat. Few people of the locality involved in this initiative –not all. But 80 kgs decomposing waste were collecting daily from the household. It was trying to sell the 5 to 6 kgs non-decomposing waste in many places which were collected from the household daily. The process of selling is communicating. Five workers directly involved in this work. The main product would be the vermin compost from this de composing waste in very near future.

Everyday many villagers visit the project. People have been taken this seriously. The information was disseminated through discussion in Gram Sabha and Gram Sansad Sabha, miking and other initiatives. Now it is the best time to spread the project or initiative to other sansads. Bohar-I Gram Panchayat has taken the technical help from Aamra Shusama Jalaprapat(ASJ) an specialist organization in this regard. Now it is trying to organize the project with the help of Mahatama Gandhi National Employment Guarantee Scheme.